Business Law

Own a Business? You Need a Lawyer.

When starting or operating an ongoing business, relying on sound legal advice is crucial to success. Our business law team handles company formation, contracts, disputes, transactions, regulatory compliance, and more. We become your trusted legal partner so you can focus on growing your venture.

Starting a business?

If you're starting a new business, we can just let you know about selecting the ideal structure, whether a corporation, LLC, partnership, or other entity, based on liability protection, taxes, number of owners, and management flexibility. We also draft and file all necessary documents for incorporation paperwork when forming new corporations or LLCs. This includes filing the required documentation with the Secretary of State's office to establish your business correctly. Additionally, our lawyers stay updated on the latest business regulations and corporate compliance rules to keep your company in good legal standing as it evolves.

Already own a business?

We also handle various legal disputes your business may involve—from contract disputes to employment matters. We can help you avoid these legal disputes by drafting contracts and agreements tailored to your business. Some examples include shareholder agreements for corporations, operating agreements for LLCs, buy-sell agreements for owners, employment contracts for key talent, non-compete and NDA agreements to protect trade secrets, vendor and supplier contracts, and commercial property leases and deeds. Having reliable agreements with clear terms prevents misunderstandings and legal issues down the road. 

For companies facing legal conflicts, our experienced business litigators represent your interests in mediation, arbitration, or litigation for various cases. We handle breach of contract claims when vendors or customers don't fulfill obligations. We pursue equitable resolutions if clients experience shareholder or partnership disputes within their business. Our lawyers also represent businesses dealing with trade secret theft, commercial lease issues, collections, non-compete violations, and business torts. Additionally, we provide day-to-day counsel on legal matters impacting operations, like human resources guidance on hiring/firing policies, employee handbooks, and more.

Need help determining if your business is up to date with its filings and methods?

With decades of experience assisting all types of businesses, our lawyers are familiar with the typical compliance pitfalls that often ensnare busy entrepreneurs focused on growing their ventures. Please get in touch with us today Please get in touch with us today to learn how we can help advance your business.



Formation of corporations, partnerships, professional corporations, and limited liability companies


Filing required documents with the Secretary of State’s office


Drafting of operating agreements, shareholder votes, buy-sell agreements, non-compete agreements, employment agreements, proxies, corporate by-laws, and various other contractual agreements.


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