Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions:

The real estate transaction process can be a complicated and stressful process to navigate. We aim to ensure that this exciting time of your life, whether selling or purchasing, proceeds smoothly with minimal stress and utmost confidence so you can enjoy being part of the transaction rather than feeling burdened or unsure. Our team of Attorneys at Dow Law Group will assist throughout the entire negotiation process. We offer assistance in drafting and reviewing the Purchase and Sale agreement to ensure that all of the terms in the contract protect our client’s best interest and that all laws are complied with. We assist in drafting amendments to the Purchase and Sale and all other required documents to complete the transaction. Additionally, we can help with refinancing mortgages. Dow Law has worked with many lenders to assist clients throughout the refinance legal process. For each transaction, we highly recommend our clients purchase title insurance to protect their rights and interests as owners. Its purpose is to cover any issues arising from the past ownership and any challenges to your current property ownership.


  • Any documents related to purchases
  • Any documents related to sales
  • Any documents related to refinancing mortgages
  • Securing title insurance for each transaction

Landlord / Tenant Issues:

If you are a landlord having issues with a tenant, the most practical and effective option may be eviction. In Massachusetts, eviction can be a complicated and drawn-out process for landlords. While landlords can represent themselves in court, the best way to alleviate the stress is to hire a knowledgeable landlord-tenant attorney to help expedite evicting a tenant without delay. There are legal rights and safeties under Massachusetts law to protect tenants. Our team of landlord-tenant attorneys will help tenants understand these laws before signing a lease with a landlord and know if their rights are being violated.


  • Help landlords with evictions and complete complicated processes legally
  • Help tenants to know their rights and protections from their landlord
  • Litigation work to resolve disputes

Land use, Zoning, and Special Permits:
We specialize in representing developers, builders, and property owners seeking permits, site approvals, variances, and building codes, and assisting in environmental matters, including Title V and wetlands. Our experienced attorneys will guide you through obtaining specialized permits for commercial and residential real estate projects and developments. We have extensive experience preparing and presenting land use and zoning applications before state and local boards and commissions.

 Title V is the Massachusetts Environmental Code administered by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, which is a dense and intricate set of guidelines regarding Massachusetts septic systems. A Title V inspection is required to sell your home and, once completed, is suitable for two years. Due to the complexity of the State and Federal Land Use, Zoning, and Special Permit laws, our experienced attorneys have handled and resolved various litigation matters for zoning and land use issues and disputes.


  • Environmental Disputes
  • Zonings Issues
  • Land  Use Development Issues
  • Wetlands Issues
  • Commercial Disputes